2011 Kernville, CA, Regional – 22-23 Oct

I received the following in an email.  A big thanks to Scott for keeping trials alive in California!

Results for the 2011 Kernville Fat Tire Festival trials comp are as follows:Beginner-
James Heil- 18pts 1st place
Jason Gonderman – 25pts 2nd place

Monica Thompson- 18pts 1st place

Peter Green- 15pts 1st place
Josh Barney- 16pts 2nd place
Shaun Goldman- 18pts 3rd place
EJ- 25pts 4th place

Matt Meyer- 28pts 1st place
Scott Thompson- 31pts 2nd place

Photos from the event are on the Facebook.com/TrialsAlliance photos page.
Thanks again for your help.  I will be solidifying the California State series asap and will send you the dates as soon as I know them.
Scott Thompson

Team Trials Alliance