2006 Buffalo Park, Flagstaff, AZ

All right rain lingered the day prior to the event offering a feeling of BUMMER the night before. Happily clouds parted the sun shined and smiles were abundant. Five riders signed on for pro class and expert yielded one entrant. Deciding not to be a one-man expert class Kevin Rothman from AZ rocked the pro class making for a six-man group. Props to Peter Hillenbrand he had some equipment failure early on yet did his best to come back. Pedal Melisha front man Zak Maeda endured a painful ankle injury finding him with a respectable fourth place. Ex- pro rider Neal Willey attended showing he still has the skill to hang and then some placing third. Mike Stiedley rode his sparkly red 26er to a respectable second place. Yet the world-class skill from Masashi was clear and present leaving him with one dab and a first place. Sport and beginners rode their hearts out conquering the uneven terrain of Buffalo Park many of them Flagstaff locals riding urban and xc rigs a feat in it’s own at a trial. Two riders guinea pigged the Advanced line on Saturday Ex-champ class motor-trials rider Ray Peters and Joey Carberrey yielding respective scores and recommendations towards Advanced lines. Unicycle class consisted of one beginner and one sport rider both impressing spectators as they maneuvered through the sections. Also I would like to thank the City of Flagstaff for the use of the facility and to the sponsors Absolute Bikes, GMTS Corp., and Kore Bike Shop for their contributions.

-William Hendrickson


Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 Masashi Ishiguri Monty Japan 1 11
2 Mike Stiedley Trek – UW 21 3
3 Neal Willey University of Arizon 43 0
4 Zak Maeda MySpace 46 1
5 Kevin Rothman   58 0
6 Peter Hillenbrand Maxxis DNF  
Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 Frank Loro   26 0
2 Andrew   41 0
3 kyle Hunters   50 0
4 Paul Campbell   56 0
5 Robert Stenson   60 0
Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 John Wilkin   9 7
2 Adam Coffee   19 3
3 Chris Harrington   28 4
4 Brandon Harrington   44 2
5 Todd Young   DNF