2007 NATS#4 Results – Big Bear Lake, WV – June 9th

When I arrived on Thursday, it was hot and sticky but sunny.  The rock formations around the field made themselves apparent with just a quick walk around (thanks Mike Friddell for the brush clearing two years ago!!).  While some of the rocks were large, I took it upon myself to steer the sections more toward the technical.  While big huge moves are impressive around the neighborhood, natty/squishy leaves, slippery sticks and obnoxious saplings are always at the heart of the sport (and entertainment for me…… mwah, ha, ha, ha).  There were 6 sections for Expert and Pro, 4 for Beginner and Sport. 

Friday was left to mark the sections.  Just after having marked the sections (paper color arrows stapled to sticks/trees/stakes), I was told monster thunderstorms were going to hit.  Well, rather than have a late night out before the event…..I decided crashing early would be best as I might need to remark everything at 6am. 

6am Saturday.  I got lucky.  All sections remained intact.  There was a litte confusion as to the start time (I posted 8am most places, but a sign up poster in front of the tent said 10am).  So….. I could have slept a couple more hours….. oh well, the pork rinds and coke were tasting pretty good for breakfast!

The turn out was not huge, but the smiles made up for it.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and Granny Gear scored meal tickets for everyone after the event.  The scores seemed spread out pretty well, so no gimmies and not too many bruised egos either.

It was great to put faces to e-mail address!  Stewart, good to see you out on your brand new ride.  Jay, hope your head (if not your cracked helmet!) is doing better!  Gary Lessner rode the whole course on a full suspension bike!  I think a number of you surprised yourselves at the bunnyhop comp by doing better than you expected.

HUGE thanks to Brad Fisher for volunteering to check the Beginner/Sport guys.  This is the group that needs the most support while learning the sport and Brad was quite helpful teaching them the ropes.

BIG thanks to Granny Gear Promotions (people who organize the 24 Hours of Big Bear Lake) and all the riders who helped tear down the sections after the event.

Finally, congrats to Brian Yezierski….. for not only winner PRO by healthy margin… but winning the bunnyhop contest by sidehopping 44″!!

Now for the results (dabs/cleans):


1.  Brian Yezierski 14/6

2.  Matthew Browne  42

3.  Dave Campbell  44/1



1.  Vaughn Micciche  4/8

2.  Graham Wilhelm  8/8

3.  Brad Fisher 25/4

4.  Mikey Rosenberg  30/1

5.  Gary Lessner  31/1

6.  Ben Tignor  37

7.  Steve Leonforte 39



1.  Gary Colbert  22/2

2.  John Glazer 33

3.  Jay Hughen 36/1

4.  Hinmaton Hisler  58



1.  Ben Palko  12/6

2.  Stewart Wadsworth  19/5