2012 NATS Championship Event #2 – Krug Park, St. Joseph, MO – May 19th

Thanks to all 17 riders who participated in the comp. The weather was nice and we saw some great performances. The pro sections required some big sidehops and a couple sketchy gaps. Sport and Expert battled fatigue as the day progressed… but seemed to have fun in the process. I want to thank my family for helping out… especially my wife, Marcy, for all her efforts at home and during the comp. Thanks to those of you who stayed at my place and made it a wonderful weekend. Hope to see everyone again soon.

1st Raven Handsaker 33
2nd Exander Schilling 46
1st Eric Alexander 41
2nd Levi Ballou 55
3rd Steve Nelson 60
1st Eric Grimmett 12
2nd Rudy Obrien 25
3rd Patrick McNally 30
4th Mike Rosenberg 35
5th Drew Guttormson 37
6th Ryan Bratton 38
7th Kesslan Winters 49
8th Jeff Moore 56
1st Mike Steidley 5
2nd Robbie Pfunder 18
3rd Ian Poor 42
4th Stan Selejov 53