2011 Racoon Rally – 25 Jun

Thanks for the compliments everyone. I really had a good time setting this event up and am looking forward to next year. I have to send a big thanks out to Aran and Cory for helping set things up and to Mark Lawrence for giving me the opportunity to run the event.

The weather held out the day of the event but the prior days of rain still made for some slippery sections. All classes were represented as riders battled it out in the challenging conditions.


1st Luke Scheerle 18
2nd Cory Hudson 52
1st Jacob Cianciolo 12
2nd Trevor Whitten 21
3rd Gerry Radder 41
4th Kevin Wilson 49
5th Bailey Staughton DNF
1st Chris Stephenson 22
2nd Joe Janicki 25
3rd John Hendricks 39
4th Carsinn Wilson 49
5th Roman Rebellon 58
1st Aran Cook 3
2nd Mike Steidley 10
3rd Trevor Bodogh 11