2012 NATS – Championship and Rules Changes

The following information is an outline of the changes to NATS for 2012.

First off, here’s a link to the new rules: https://www.natrials.com/comp_materials/NATSrules2012.pdf

Please read over them thoroughly before you reply. For convenience, here’s a quick summary of the changes:

Section – Change
1.1 – Changed some language
2.1 – Added language for Regional and Championship and added Regional Map
2.3 – Removed “Sanction and” from title
2.6 – Increased recommended posted timeline to seven days
6.2 – Added bullet about number of the sections and loops required for a NATS Championship event
15.1 – Removed 150 mile separation requirement
15.2 – Removed weighted scoring
15.2 – Added statement about earning points for best four finishes.
15.3 – Removed sentence about only ranking the champion.
12 – Added note to only penalize for crossing tape when an observer is dedicated to each section.

The most significant change is the creation of the regions and the differentiation between NATS Championship events and NATS Regional events. This has been done for two reasons:
1. To encourage the development of more “local” events and increase the number of riders by providing more local events
2. To pare down the points-earning events in an effort to increase quality and rider turnout

That said, here are the events that have been chosen as NATS Championship events, per region:
– Southwest: Fontana, CA – Mar. 4th
– Central: Krug Park – May 19th
– Mountain: IHBC, Durango, CO – May 26th
– Northeast: Raccoon Rally – June 30th
– Southeast: TTC – July 7th
– Northwest: Trialsworx – Aug. 18th

For those who run these events, there really is very little they will do differently. Put simply, they are being asked to follow the rules more closely. With the updates, the intent is to reduce ambiguity and improve continuity. As such, and especially since these events earn points toward the NATS Championship, it is very important that the rules be followed consistently from one event to another.

For those of who run other events not part of the NATS Championship, please don’t consider them lesser events. They are just as important, if not moreso, because they are the staples of each region that will attract more local riders and build our sport. Also, I do intend to rotate each region’s NATS Championship event from one year to the next, where possible.

Lastly, please think of this as another transition year. I did the rule changes and weighted points system of the past couple years in preparation for this regional system. Now that we’re doing the regional system, there will be a few more (minor) changes for 2013.

As someone who holds trials near and dear to my heart, I must thank all of the event directors and riders for your continued involvement and support. Without you, we wouldn’t have a sport.