2014 NATS Championship Event #2 – Tishomingo, OK – May 3rd

First off, thanks to all that made the journey to Tishomingo this year! We had four different people fly in from all over the country and even one of those from Newfoundland Canada. This year’s comp/camp out highlights:

  • A record number of spectators
  • A smoker that did a fantastic job with a 14 pound brisket & almost 30 burgers
  • Almost ideal temps with highs in the mid 80s & plenty of sunshine
  • Solid bonfire
  • Some amazing moves on Tish granite
  • Zero injuries
  • Mike’s quadcopter flying & the neighbor it attracted. Someone’s mention that the neighbor thought Obama was spying on him was the best!


1st Austin Potts 11 3 cleans
2nd Brian Patterson 25 1 clean
3rd Chandler Wilson 50  
1st Peter Hellenbrand 10 7 cleans
2nd Patrick McNally 15 5 cleans
3rd Billy Hendrickson 23 3 cleans
4th Justin Broderick 31  
5th Will Haden 35  
6th Ed Schilling 42  
7th Jeff Edgington 50  
1st Mike Steidley 5 9 cleans
2nd Stan Selejov 35 1 clean
3rd Ryan Bratton 50