Competition Materials

In order to promote the sport of biketrials, NATS is providing some common materials which can be used at any trials event. With these templates an event promoter can provide his/her riders with easy to understand, professional looking score cards and arrows. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files.

Official NATS Rules – This PDF gives you the official rules for NATS.

Checker Rule Sheet – This double sided sheet can be used for checkers at events to help them with the sometimes confusing rules of this wacky sport.

Entry Form and Waiver – The top section is for the entrant to register for the competition.  The lower part is standard waiver language.  If the entrant is under 18, a parent or guardian must sign in the appropriate section.

Scorecard – This scorecard which has space for 6 sections up to three times through (sometimes called three loops or laps). Laminating is suggested since the strength and durability of the cards is increased.

Scoring Sheet PDF or XLS – Scoring can often be a pain to keep organized. This sheet will help to keep all the different classes organized. The sheet has a place for category, place, rider name, total after each loop, total dabs, and total cleans.

Arrows – These arrows can be used for any type of directional information. They are most often used to denote the Start and End of sections. Writing the rider class and section number on the card is encouraged.

Tape – Tape for sections can be purchased at Utility Safeguard. You need to buy a box of 8 rolls but for the price it is worth it. This tape is 3″ x 1000ft 3mil, nice and strong.

Insurance – Liability Insurance for US Event Directors can be obtained from American Bicycle Racing.

Protest Form – This is an official protest form for use at NATS competitions. While protests do not need to be submitted on this form, protests MUST be in writing. For details please see the NATS Rules.

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