2007 NATS#7 Results – Belle Isle, Richmond, VA – August 4th

Belle Isle, VA – 04 August 2007

First, I want to thank Mikey for teaming up again to host another great comp. Second, huge thanks to all those who helped setup and break down the event.  Hinmanton (DANG), John (JohnGlazer), Matt (Muddyfox), Brandon and Angie and so many others who really helped make this the great event that it was.  I also want to thank Webcyclery [ http://www.webcyclery.com ], Midwestbiketrials [ http://www.midwestbiketrials.com ] and Bizport [ http://www.Bizport.biz ] for their sponsorship and prizes.  Hopefully, they will participate next year,too.

As for the comp, it was awesome. The sections from Beginner to Pro were extremely challenging for all but not to the point where you felt your life may flash before your eyes in order to get out of the section!!!  It was the hottest day of the year and the heat was the only real thorn in the event.  Fortunately, we supplied a “huge” amount of water for everyone and several large tents to cool down under.  The box fans were surprisingly effective, I thought. NOTE:  Next years comp will be held in early October (most likely Oct 08) or early June when temperatures will me in the 60’s with no humidity.

The rider turnout was more than expected and I hope that the heat didn’t scare anyone off from returning next year.  Thanks to all the riders that made it out and I hope the comp was one that you will remember.

Now for the results!  The Pro class was relatively deep with some of our country’s top riders battling it out.  Look for the HD video showcasing these guys navigating their way thru some truly amazing sections.  The Expert class was just as exciting with a few riders, myself included, who got their first real taste of what Expert class is all about.  The Sport class had another great showing with 14 riders making it out.  We also managed to have two Beginners come out and compete!  Mad props to Jon Glazer’s dad for hopping on a bike and giving it a go!!!!

Thanks again to everyone that was involved.  We hope to see all the same faces and more in 08.




1. Brian Yezierski 10 points, 8 cleans
2. Mike Stedley 18 points, 4 cleans
3. Graham Willham 31 points, 1 clean
4. Tom Ligon 34 points, 4 cleans
5. Robert Pfunder 50 points, 0 cleans
6. Mathew Browne 58 points, 0 cleans
7. Joseph Janicki 60 points, 0 cleans


1. Brandon Maynard 9 points, 2 cleans
2. Ryan Thompson 16 points, 3 cleans
3. Patrick Dugan 19 points, 3 cleans
4. Lance Kleftman 22 points, 3 cleans
5. Mikey Rosenburg 26 points, 0 cleans
6. Colin Blanehand 32 points, 0 cleans


1. John glazer 6 points, 10 cleans
2. Derek Keller 11 points, 6 cleans
3. Gary Culbert 12 points, 4 cleans (won 3rd in a ride off)
4. Chris Slydel 12 points, 4 cleans
5. Gregory Thompson 13 points, 6 cleans
6. Jay Hughen 16 points, 5 cleans
7. Ryan Shoemaker 36 points, 2 cleans
8. Max McWhirter 40 points, 4 cleans
9. Angelina Maynard 40 points, 0 cleans
10. Stewart Wadsworth 45 points, 1 clean
11. Frank Brown 50 points, 1 clean
12. Max Gaitan 50 points, 0 cleans
13. Hinmanton Hisler 56 points, 0 cleans
14. Warren kennedy 60 poimts, 0 cleans

1. Will Canop 29 points, 3 cleans
2. Walt Glazer 40 points, 1 cleans