2013 NATS Championship Event #5 – Durango, CO- Jul 13th

Thanks to every one for making the trip to Durango, CO and attending this event! The spectators really enjoyed the riders and we got some great video footage! There was even a drone helicopter that got some great footage. With a total of seventeen riders, the turn out was was smaller than we were hoping but it was a nice small event.Sport class was the largest and thanks to the Hertrich clan for representing as always! All of the Hertrich boys were showing amazing improvement and were riding great all day long. Gavin was rippin it up and finished with a super low score of 9! Chris and Stew were riding well and placed second and third. It was nice to see a couple local guys in the sport class.  Cliff rode well finishing with a score of 32, and Max Lowenstein toughing it out after a huge bail down into the stream bed.  Aztec rider Josh Snow was showing some amazing riding after only riding for a couple weeks! Watch out for him and events next year as his riding will definitely be improving very quickly.
David and Logan Trenkle were both riding in the beginner class and finished with scores of 5 and 27.  It’s nice to see so many riders from the central Colorado heading south to attend this event.
There was only one MTB rider this year, Rob Nichols.  As a pro downhiller he made quick work of the courses cleaning everything but one section the first round, and flatting on the last section and got a 5.  He rode the entire second round with a flat and still finished with a 15 for the day.
The Pro competition was full of excitement! There was something like three flats during the warm up on the jagged rocks!  Steidley was dealing with a troublesome freewheel just minutes before the start time as well as a flat tire! It took him a while to get things sorted out and finally get the bike rideable on a borrowed crank arm and freewheel thanks to Rob Hertrich.  With a late start Mike’s professional demeanor shined through with some amazing riding to take the win with only 8 points.  Matt Meyer drove all the way out from Santa Cruz, CA to take second place.  Matt was riding well with good power and smooth lines and was the only riding to clean section 3 and the gnarly uphill at end.  The crowd loved it!  The middle of the pro class was super close, separated only by a few points.  It was Robbie Pfunder who took third after a 39 hour drive from the east coast with Randy Gibson! Max Schulze ended up 4th only one point behind Robbie.  Nigel Khoring finished 5th with a borrowed brake lever for the competition after breaking his lever during practice.  Randy Gibson’s skills are increasing every time I see him, and he is creeping up the score sheet in a scary way.
There were all kinds of people shooting video so I will do my best to have them up load the footage and stills.

  Mountain Bike  
1st Rob Nichols 15
1st David Trenkle 5
2nd Logan Trenkle 27
1st Gavin Hertrich 9
2nd Chris Hertrich 12
3rd Stewart Pomeroy 16
4th Micah Hertrich 24
5th Cliff Pinto 32
6th Joshua Snow 38
7th Robert Hertrich 39
8th Grayson Hertrich 40
9th Max Lowenstein 46
1st Mike Steidley 8
2nd Matt Meyer 23
3rd Robbie Pfunder 25
4th Max Schulze 26
5th Nigel Kohring 46
6th Randy Gibson 51