2001 Bike Move, Lake Placid, NY

The BikeMove event is simply a test of a rider’s skills over some basic obstacles.

First, big thanks to a couple people, with out them this event would have been sorely lacking: Mr. MC himself, Kevin Brody for doing fantastic job on the microphone and providing the music! And gigantic thanks to Marty Perkins who worked tirelessly to make the obstacles way cool!

The first segment was the the gap contest. This consisted of two four foot cube boxes that were moved apart in increments. Leaving one to claim gap winner status. Riders had 3 tries at each distance. Bashgaurds/rings were not allowed. They had to make it to tires (NBR). Distances shown are largest gaps completed by rider.

1. JJ Gregorowicz—8′ 6″
2. Jeff Lenosky—8′ 3″
3. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven—7′ 6″
4. Tie
Chris Clark—7′
Scott Thompson—7′

Next segment was the Up Contest. Using one of the 4’x4’x4′ boxes, raising it in 2″ intervals. Riders had two attempts. Again, here are largest “ups” done by each. Special note here, Scott Thompson had amazing technique. Rolling up very slow and essentially bunny hopping onto the box! Bashrings were aloud, but no feet.

1. JJ Gregorowicz—61″
2. Scott Thompson—59″
3. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven—57″
4. Jeff Lenosky—55″
5. Chris Clark—

Next was the balance beams. The beams connected triangles and spools. The beams got narrower as things went along, and there were a few turns thrown in. There were 7 segments total. The winner was determined by how far into the furthest section they got. Riders had three tries. Best overall average won. As you can tell, Jeremy smoked at this deal. Simply listed here are best section for each of them.

1. Jeremey Vanschoonhoven—7 (thrice)
2. Jeff Lenosky—7 (twice)
3. JJ Gregorowicz—7 (once)
4. Chris Clark—39″ into the sixth beam.
5. Scott Thompson— 56″ into the fourth beam.

The fourth test was the rear wheel hop/gap. Riders had to go from one object to another only on the rear wheel. Objects being the triangles and spools used in the balance beam section rearranged. The obstacles got further and further apart as they progressed. There were 7 segments to this as well. The last obstacle/gap was nearly seven. Each rider had three tries, winner was determined by total number of segments completed. There was a tie between JJ and Jeremy, broken by moving the last few objects even further apart.

1. JJ Gregorowicz—21
2. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven—21
3. Jeff Lenosky—15
4. Scott Thompson—9
5. Chris Clark—5

Last but not least the ever popular bunny hop competition! Once the rider entered the run up area, they could not stop (i.e. no side hoping). Bar height started at 24″ and moved up in two inch increments until 43″, then in one inch increments. Heights shown are the last successfully completed by rider.

1. Scott Thompson—44″ (though he went on to do 45″ just for fun!)
2. Tie
Jeff Lenosky–43″
JJ Gregorowicz—43″
3. Chris Clark—36″
4. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven—34″