2012 NATS Championship Event #3 – Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Durango, CO – May 26th

High winds, low scores! And another great event in Durango. A huge thanks to all the guys who travelled so far to make this event happen. It doesn’t matter how much effort is put in to event if you guys don’t show up so thanks to everyone. We had high winds with gusts up to 60mph but the the sections held together and there was some amazing riding going down. Mike Steidley finished with an amazing score of only one dab getting up over the huge hook move. Ross came through with a 15 and 20’s finished out the Pro class. Randy Gibson came through with an expert class win and a great performance at the Steamworks Demo in front of about 1000 spectators. The demo was off the hook and a highlight of the weekend for sure!


  Mountain Bike  
1st Max Lowenstein 16
2nd Fabio Wen 36
1st Rodney Gibson 38
1st Stew Pomery 20
2nd Stephen Henry 33
3rd Chance Liengang 36
4th Dana Hood 41
5th Tait Shaikland 60
1st Randy Gibson 48
2nd Cliff Pinto 55
3rd Ryan Hannigan 58
1st Mike Steidley 1
2nd Ross Winsor 15
3rd Matt Meyer 20
4th Robbie Pfunder 22
5th Max Schulze 29