2007 Raccoon Rally Event Info

Saturday June 30th, Raccoon Rally Trials event (NATS #5)

The oldest continuous trials event in the country, returns!  The great rock formations make this consistently one of the best attended events as well.

Here is some info you all were wondering about:

At event sign up will be up at the rocks (competition area).  Registration will begin at 9am.  You can register as late as you want, but end time is fixed.

Registration is $25 for one event, $38 for two and $45 for three (there is also a road bike race and cross country, in case you were wondering what the other “events” were).

Beginner and Sport Classes will be running from 9:30am to 12pm (4 sections three times through).  Expert and Pro classes from 12:30-3:30pm (6 sections two times through).

For more information (like directions etc…) check out http://www.heartrateup.com/R.Rally2007/Rally2007.htm .

Closest hotel is Holiday Inn Express in Salamanca.  You will have to call and see if there are still rooms 1-716-945-7600