2007 NUMEN Results

It was a short two months from concept to introduction.  But NUMEN 2007 was an event like none other.  The records set in gap (long jump), up (to rubber), pedal grab (up to pedal, then to rubber-UNI specific), bunnyhop (highjump-bike specific) and static hop were amazing!

Saturday morning the weather was looking pretty iffy.  Clouds and some off and on rain.  The Qualifiers began shortly after 10am, with a few breaks for some clouds bursts.  Not to be deterred, competitors engaged in a test of of competing for the finals (narrow to 4 riders).  After late morning the rain was gone.  There were calls for thundershowers later in the day, so the finals were moved up.  We got lucky and it remained dry.

The really cool thing about this event was that riders surprised themselves!  For example, we started the gap (long jump from one pallet to another) at 15″.  HA!  That skill test resulted in a hop of 76″ (SIX feet four inches!).  The other tests resulted in similar results, that is to say riders besting by some margin anything they had done before.  During qualifiers and finals each competitor was given two chances at each height/distance. 

We had one BikeTrial rider (Joe Janiki) that was not able to attend NATS National Points event in BC, Canada.  We are glad he came out to play and gave spectators a taste of what two wheeled record setting was all about.

Check out gallery under NUMEN 2007 for some pics too!

Before I let you get on to reading results (which is what I know you are looking for!), I would like to pay some thanks to some people.  Kris Holm (www.krisholm.com) and Unicycle dot com (www.unicycle.com) for some awesome swag.  Dirt rag magazine (www.dirtragmag.com), Jeff for putting up with my madness and Karen for seeing the value in promoting/hosting such an event.  NATS (www.natrials.com) for hosting info.  Laird, Moriah, Kevin, Ben, Holly, Zak and the whole crew at Granny Gear (www.grannygear.com) for pateince, understanding, ALOT of help and general coolness.  Finally Bob Lundberg of American Bicycle Racing (www.ambikerace.com), who pulled our tail out of the fire a week before the event with proper insurance.  Nick Wilson and his very patient fiance’ for video taping/editing/uploading vids to Dirt Rags web page.  If you would like to put on a cycling race and don’t know where to go for insurance issues. American Bicycle Racing is the place to go and get the most important (and least interesting!) part of organizing event completed with the help of courteous informative people.  There are alot of other people to thank but our readers are eager to move on to the tasty bits of this!…….of course the biggest thanks are to those who came out!

NUMEN 2007 BikeTrial Records final:

Joe Janiki Gap of 74″, UP (to rubber) of 45″, Bunnyhop of 36″, Sidehop of 38″


NUMEN 2007 UNI Record finals (top for finishers of qualifiers, see below):

UP (to rubber),

Ted Ressler-6 pallets

Kaycee Stevens, Jeff Prosa and Bryan Stevens-5 pallets


PEDAL GRAB (up to pedal, then to rubber):

Kaycee Stevens-10 pallets

Jeff Prosa-8 pallets

Teddy Ressler and Bryan Stevens- 7 pallets


GAP (long jump).

Kaycee Stevens-73″

Ted Ressler-70″

Jeff Prosa-60″

Bryan Stevens-55″


BUNNYHOP (high jump).

Ted Ressler-27″

Kaycee Stevens-25″

Jeff Prosa and Bryan Stevens-20″


UNI Qulifier results:

UP (to pallets, directly to tire)  Number is most number of pallets attained by rider.  Pallets average five or so inches thick.  Started at 3 pallets. 

Kaycee Stevens-6

Jeff Prosa and Bryan Stevens-5

Jeff Putnam and Jason Checkla-4

Nick Wilson, Brian Oley, Teddy Ressler and Corrie van Haasteren-3


PEDAL GRAB (to pallets, pedal hooked first).  Number is most number of pallets attained my rider.  Started at 4 pallets.

Kaycee Stevens-8

Jeff Prosa and Ted Ressler-7

Bryan Stevens-6

Jason Checkla-5

Jeff Putnam, Nick Wilson, Brian Oley, Corrie van Haasteren-0


GAP (long jump). Distance given in inches:

Ted Ressler-76″

Kaycee Stevens- 74″

Brian Stevens-63″

Jeff Putnam and Jeff Prosa-58″

Jason Checkla and Corrie van Haasteren-49″

Nick Wilson-46″

Brian Oley-41″


BUNNYHOP (highjump).  Height given in inches:

Ted Ressler-27″

Kaycee Stevens-26″

Jeff Prosa-23″

Jeff Putnam and Jason Checkla-17″

Brian Oley-15″

Nick Wilson and Corrie van Haasteren-12″