2010 Raccoon Rally, Salamanca, NY – June 27th

Well, another Raccoon Rally has come and gone. This year was certainly not run as smoothly as planned. Weather was great, we had an excellent turn out, lots of spectators, and for the most part everyone seemed to have a good time. Thunder rocks is a great place to be comp or no comp.
As for the complaints… Lack of organization and start times. My apologies to everyone who was confused with start times. At the riders meeting everyone should be present and if your not there then someone should be there that can inform you of whats going on. We had no problem with sport or beginners but experts had the biggest mix up which in the end worked out fine being it was the largest class (starting some early and ending late).

With much discussion between Vaughn and I, it looks like 2011 has very slim chances of happening unless someone steps up to the plate. I’ve had fun the past 6 years running this event and I try to make each year better; this year being the exception. Working in conjunction with the RR promoters hasn’t been a bad thing, Vaughn and I are just tired of coming out of the event exhausted, frustrated that we don’t get to ride with everyone and at a loss. Lack of motivation seemed to be the deal for us this year. Maybe we’ll organize a LARGE fun ride there or if we can do the event with out dealing with the RR people it could be a go. Until a further decision is made, anyone willing to take the reigns feel free to contact me. garylessner@gmail.com

Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting the event, it’s always a great thing to see so many riders together. Hopefully next year will happen and go in the books.



Beginner Points Cleans
1 Mike Proctor 27 1
2 Kilean Maynard 34 1
3 Daniel Rodrigues 35 0
4 Bailey Staughton 40 1
5 Jesse Schrider 52 1
6 Rik Mosier 53 0
7 Jaden Ohlson 60 0
DNF Troy Rank    
1 Slava Motovilov 17 5
2 Michael Makarov 19 2
3 Angelina Maynard 26 2
4 John Haigis 29 0
5 Jacob Cranclolo 33 1
DNF Alex Chiao    
1 Matt Thibeau 29 5
2 Nick Stupich 34 4
3 Kai Christensen 34 2
4 Brandon Maynard 36 3
5 James Louter 36 2
6 Matt Browne 38 3
7 Joe Janicki 39 3
8 Kevin Cordy 40 3
9 Roman Rebellon 42 2
10 Ryan Thompson 45 3
11 Bryan Benson 45 1
12 Toby Ratliff 48 1
DNF John Hendriks    
DNF Carsinn Wilson    
1 Trevor Bodogh 28 0
2 Mike Steidley 37 0
3 Chris Stephenson 43 0
4 Tom Ligon 46 0