2010 Elephant Rock, Duluth, MN – July 24th

I want to thank all those who came out and rode. I also want to thank all the riders who helped reset sections on Saturday morning and help take sections down after the comp. I think that was pretty much all of them. And thanks to Carl for keeping score.

The day started off really interesting. Thanks to the rain in the morning the sections were like ice. The sections had to be modified to be manageable. As careful as we all were on the slick sections, certain Canadians among us who shall remain lastnameless still managed to enter section # 1 and immediately have the bike slide out from under him/her while landing on the rear wheel and crash on to their side, five.

Luckily the sun came out as the day progressed. Things were dry by the third section on the first loop. As things dried out the sections were restored to their full glory. Most of the expert sections were centered around the creek that flows through the park so many of the rocks are water polished to a high sheen. Local youth use the rocks as a slip and slide if that paints a better picture of the level of lubricity when wet.

It was a dead tie for 2nd in expert between Bryan Benson and myself. We both had 2 cleans, 4 ones, 1 three, and 2 fives. This lead to a ride off. It was randomly chosen that we would run section 4 backwards. The first part of that line was the sport line but the end set it apart. I ended up with two dumb dabs plus one move I had to stratodab. Luckily for me Bryan was going for a clean on the last move and fived out. A win for me. Sorry Brian.

The event had a pretty good spectator following since it was held in an open area during a community festival. It even made the local news. I know we are a ways away from the rest of the country (if that is possible while being in the country) but I hope many of you can make the trip out here in the following years. Thanks again everybody.


1. Peter Lillesve 7
2. Rudy O’Brien 17 +3(ride-off)
3. Bryan Benson 17 +5(ride-off)
4. Liam ? 34
5. Drew Guttormson 46
6. Max Dingeman 50
1. Alex Lhiao 16
2. Jonathan Trillo 20
3. Mike Andert 33
4. Brian Imholte 36
5. Jeff Nelson 46
6. Parker Zeilos 50