2007 NATS#8 Results – Powder Monkey, Duluth, MN – August 19th

We had 9 riders, 6 sport, 2 Expert, and 1 elite. This is a great place for a comp.  All sections were within sight of one another.  The weather was cool and cloudy. Just about perfect for a comp, not too hot.   All the expert sections worked there way back and forth on the exposed rock of one of Spirit’s creek beds.  It made for a nice mix of technical to slightly scary.  Section 4 included a mandatory 5 foot drop into water with an off camber take off.  There were two very close groups in the sport group 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were separated by only 5 points. But ultimately win went to Gary Culbert. I came in with a disappointing second to last finish in expert while our own Trials Dave came in a stunning second. And of course Peter won the elite class, I think it was rigged. Chris sorry about getting your position wrong on event day. Some engineers just can’t do math.

If anybody has pics of the event. pleasepost them here or send them to myself.

I would like to thank the following people
Tim at Trialsin www.trialsin.com
Becky at Boulder Options
Super One Foods
COGGS Bike club


Class                                     Dabs/Cleans


Peter Lilleseve             21/6



Rudy O’Brien               46/1

Dave Whalen              72/0



Gary Culbert                22/6

Drew Guttormson       23/5

Brian Imolte                27/0

Guy Thompson           51/0

Chris Johnson              21/0

Jeff Nelson                  59/0