2011 Krug Park Trials Competition – 7 May

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Perfect weather throughout the weekend. Everyone battled through some tough sections. Hope we can do this again next year.


1st Mike Steidley 4  
2nd Aran Cook 5  
3rd Jonathan Tollerud 42  (3 cleans)
4th Robbie Pfunder 42  (2 cleans)
5th Stan Selejov 49  
1st Eric Grimmett 17  
2nd Matt Graham 34  
3rd Will Haden 49  
4th Kesslan Winters 53  
1st Tony Sargent 20  
2nd Matt McCulloch 56  
3rd Steve Nelson 57  
1st Zachary Lowden 23  
2nd Levi Ballou 28  
3rd Exander Schilling 45  
4th Jake Nelson 60