2009 NATS #5 Results – Powder Monkey – Spirit Mountain Recreation Area, Duluth, MN

We ended up with 12 riders, man I wish I wasn’t so far away from everybody. No beginners showed up. We did three loops of four section in all classes. The weather was almost perfect. Clear and sunny all day long, but the humidity was a tad high. Event was held along a small creek with plenty of trees around to offer shade to riders and the like. Three of the four pro/expert sections were held in the creek bed with multiple opportunities to get wet but pretty much everybody stayed pretty dry except the unicyclist. Max ended up falling in multiple times. The forth section was a steep loose hillside which was responsible for many crashes. The sport riders also had to deal with the hillside and all riders fived on every attempt, sorry guys. But to be fair it was laid out by a sport rider.


1. Mike Andert 38  
2. Jonathatn Trillo 39 2 cleans
3. Ryan Johnsen 39 1 clean
4. Jeff Nelson 54  
5. Jason Aarstad 58  
0. Rudy O’Brien 13  
1. Drew Guttormsson 45  
2. Raphael Desreumaux 52  
3. Dave Whalen 55  
4. Ed Schilling 60  
4. Max Dingemans (uni) 60  
6. John Gaddo DNS
1. Mike Steidley 6