2011 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic – 28 May

We had a great weekend here in Durango, Colorado, for the 40th anniversary Iron Horse Bicycle Classic!  Trials returned after ten years and drew spectators in the hundreds.  Riders came from all over and everyone had a great time. Aran Cook took the win with an amazing score of -1, followed closely by Ross Winsor with a score of 5. Robbie Pfunder rode great and finished with a 21. John Tollerud and Tom Ligon came in with close scores of 27 and 28.
The MTB class was exciting as well and turned out to be the largest class. These local guys were riding great and it came down to cleans to decide the winner.  First place received a brand new Rockman Slate 2 compliments of MidwestBikeTrials.com!  Thanks to everyone who stepped it up and purchased a NATS membership and congrats to everyone who won a fork in the raffle!Sunday’s demo at Steamworks Brewing was a great success as well.  Thanks to John Tollerud, Aran Cook, Cliff Pinto, Max Schulze, Ryan Hannigan, Andy Siegel, and Paul Doty for helping out with the Demo.  Max brought his Unicycle and the crowd was amazed.  Thanks to everyone for coming and a huge thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors for making this happen.  I look forward to next year!



1st Lucas Lemaire 3 (6 cleans)
2nd Andrew Siegel 3 (5 cleans)
3rd Brendan Shafer 6  
4th Josh Konen 11  
5th Daniel Walker 12  
6th Fabio Wen 18  
  Youth Boys    
1st George McQuinn 17  
  Youth Girls    
1st Faythe Gillam 40  
1st Ellen Binion 38  
1st Rodney Gibson 29  
2nd Jim Binion 32  
1st Randy Gibson 22  
2nd Arthur Voter 29  
3rd Jesse Thacker 32  
4th Tony Herald 35  
5th Chris Squires 38  
1st Max Shulze 20  
2nd JR Valandra 30  
3rd Ryan Hannigan 47  
4th Max Molello 48  
5th Cliff Pinto 50  
1st Aran Iolo Cook -1  
2nd Ross Winsor 5  
3rd Robbie Pfunder 21  
4th John Tollerud 27  
5th Tom Ligon 28