2013 NATS Championship Schedule

I know several folks having been chomping at the bit to find out the 2013 NATS Championship calendar. I had really hoped to have it nailed down by the end of January but too many factors were weighing on me.

At any rate, here is the 2013 NATS Championship calendar, in chronological order:

– Southwest: Fontana, March 9th
– Central: Tishomingo, May 18th
– Northeast: Raccoon Rally, June 29th
– Southeast: TTC, July 6th
– Mountain: Durango, July 13th
– Northwest: Trialsworx, Whistler, August 17th

We’re sad to lose the St. Joseph event but we look forward to it coming back next year, bigger and better than ever.

Also, sorry about packing RR, TTC and Durango into three consecutive weekends. It is unavoidable.

Big thanks to all of the event directors for your continued support.