2004 Keyesville Classic, Lake Isabella, CA

Before listing the results, I think it’s important to do a few thank yous to the people that made this event happen.

A big thanks to those who worked hard to set the sections: Shaun Miller, Ryan Nathman, Stevie Morgan & Sidehop Sam Phelps.

A special thanks to those who checked. It’s quite a treat to ride an event where waiting is at a minimum, since competitors can ride at their own pace. This is due to having a few checkers at each trap. We paired an experienced checker at each section, with a couple Boy Scouts from Troop 415 of Oildale, CA. Thanks guys: JP Sickler, section #1; Diane Morgan, section #2; Kris Scriven & Jeff Lockmiller, section #3; Dice-K, section #4; Maribel Sturtevant & sister Christina, section #5…we appreciate you all!

Kudos to Kurt & Pam Mason for the donation of cases of bottled water (what a lifesaver in the heat!) and to Tim Williamson of Trialsin USA for the donation of an ECHO Pure frame, used as a raffle prize for the checkers. The big winner was Christina, Maribel’s sister, though ultimately, the biggest winner MIGHT be Pete Sturtevant, her brother-in-law!

Thanks also to the Phelps family:  Howard, Debbie & Katie for working hard setting up & working the registration/scoring area and for the great popsicles at the end of the event. When a rider turned in their final loop card, they were presented a frozen goody! Quite welcome, considering the 85 degree heat. Thanks also to Howard for the cool petroglyph awards that you made from ancient diggings in fossil pits!

Special recognition goes to those NATS competitors who traveled long & far to ride Keyesville!

Lance Kleffman, Ryan Cecil, Patrick Duggan & Mark Yorio from North Carolina; Cole St. John, Nate Booster & Jeremy VanSchoonhoven from Oregon; Tim Finn & Mike Steidley from Connecticut; Neil Willey & Kevin Rothman from Arizona; Kurt Mason from New York. Hope you had a good time! Most of all…thanks to mothers far & wide who tolerated us holding the event on your most special day, and for those who braved the heat, wind & sun by actually coming out to support your kids…Diane Morgan, Pam Mason, Debbie Phelps & Mrs. Webb!



Pro Stock      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Jeremy VanSchoonhoven 1 14
2 Shaun Miller 12 11
3 Tim Finn 26 5
4 Mike Steidley 40 4
5 Casey Holm 57 0
6 Kevin Drake 69 0
7 David Brodowski 73 0
Pro Mod      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Ryan Cecil 39 2
2 Stevie Morgan 61 2
3 Zak Maeda 63 0
Expert Stock      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Phil Lucero 27 5
2 Lance Kleffman 44 2
3 Ty Smith 47 2
4 Pete Sturtevant 47 1
5 Ryan Nathman 48 2
6 Paul Bray 49 3
7 Kurt Mason 49 1
8 Kevin Rothman 53 2
9 Sam Phelps 59 1
10 Cole St. John 63 0
11 Jeremy Huber 72 0
Expert Mod      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Neil Willey 0 15
2 Mark Webb 32 2
3 Jon Bott 55 3
4 Tyler McCourtney 55 1
5 YuChian Tseng 61 0
Sport Stock      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Patrick Duggan 25 7
2 Terry Elam 31 4
3 Blair Brown 62 1
  Ian Hoffman DNF  
Beginner Stock      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Jeff Thompson 50 1
Beginner Mod      
Place Name Dabs Cleans
1 Mark Yorio 26 5
2 Thomas Elam 45 1