NATC 2024 Results

Bentonville Bike Fest, Bentonville, AR – May 25th-26th, 2024

2024 Overall Elite North American Champion:  Sean Farrar

National Champions

ClassUnited StatesCanada
EliteSean FarrarNone
ExpertMatt MeyerNone
MasterMike SteidleyNone
SportHunter RigbyNone
VeteranDoug ElliotNone
NoviceAlex KinzeyNone

The Bentonville Bike Fest just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There were more vendors, more sponsors, more riders, more spectators, and more weather! Thanks to help from Wesley and Andy, there were quite a few new lines through the permanent obstacles and a few new obstacles. They really pushed the Elite level again this year. The indispensable Freddy Astrada jumped in to help with the Sport/Vet gates and I (Mike Friddell) set the rest. Several wonderful members of our community pitched in to help with judging and so many other tasks. I can’t thank you enough Gal, David, Travis, Jeff, Andrew, Miles, Mike, Jen, Jason, and everyone in general. Andrew Hoy even donated his old 20 inch Zoo complete bike for a raffle to support NA Trials and our community! Lastly, it simply blows my mind to realize that we just had a trials competition on US soil with 56 competitors! There have been times that I thought I’d never see a turnout like this again. I’m elated to be wrong!

North American Trials (Saturday) Full Results

YouthNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Hunter Ross280240520630001
2Mack MEMMOTT105060000103
MTBNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Patrick McNally300290590910000
2Dustin Ross170150320022321
3Ira WEINY70150220012041
NoviceNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Alex KINZEY260290550550000
2Philip ISAACS210240450234010
3Jen EVERHARD100180280112122
4Karen CHENG110120230002322
SportNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Hunter RIGBY240230470243100
2Evan KINZEY170210380211510
3Ryan MCDONALD140220360115102
4Travis Brown130170300006022
5Isaac WAYNE11060170001142
6Andrew HOY70100170001053
7Tyler Russell4070110000124
8Caleb WAYNE6050110000043
9Jeffrey KUNG405090000114
VeteranNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Doug ELLIOTT240200440135100
2Doug FARRAR150120270021312
3Josh Johnson90170260101242
4Andrew Kemble110120230011232
5Michael MAY90130220102210
6Jim Cochrane120100220020141
7Scott LYNN80140220011231
8Cord MEMMOTT90110200011051
9Ryan WAYNE7080150000136
10Tim CHEMACKI8040120000133
11Jeffrey HAYES402060000014
ExpertNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Matt Meyer210190400214120
2Callum SHERWOOD*190210400205210
3Lennie GRUNDMANN*210190400133120
4Tom HUTLEY*120200320113203
5Joe Janicki120150270011422
6Freddy Astrada6070130000223
7David KRUT7060130000045
8Grant MEMMOTT105060000014
MasterNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Mike Steidley230240470341110
2Alex CHIAO160160320006040
3Ryder OKUMURA12050170002033
4Joshua CUMMINS01010000001
Elite WomenNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010
1Vera BARON RODRIGUEZ*3003006001000000
2Nina REICHENBACH*300280580820000
3Debi Studer*200230430216010
Elite MenNameLoop 1Loop 2Total605040302010Finish Time
1Daniel BARÓN RODRÍGUEZ*3003006001000000
2Alejandro MONTALVO MILLA*300290590910000
3Charlie ROLLS*260300560810100
4Borja CONEJOS VAZQUEZ*27029056072100014:07
5Eloi PALAU*28028056072100014:19
6Oliver WEIGHTMAN*260290550631000
7Samuel HLAVATÝ*260270530532000
8Diego CRESCENZI*270260530451000
9Adam MOREWOOD*150230380222040
10Andrei Burton*190160350016111
11Sean FARRAR120120240021123
12Ian FARRAR5070120001024

*Not eligible for North American Championship

UCI C1 Results (based on Saturday due to storms on Sunday)