Laporte, Colorado Comp this weekend!


Just some information for this Saturday (June 6th). The official classes to compete in will be
Beginner 1: This class will be for kids who want to try to stay between the lines.

Beginner 2/MTB: This class will consist of tighter turns, some uphill and rollable obstacles.

Sport/MTB Technical: Now things get a bit more advanced, you should be able to track stand, get up obstacles between 1-2ft and comfortable rolling down steeps. For the MTB’s a 1x setup would be recommended or atleast some kind of bash ring.

Expert: You will need some rear wheel skills, bigger balls and some stamina.

Pro: Robbie, Max and Randy!! and maybe Holzwart if we can keep a shirt on him.

Also I will be on site Thursday 6-dark to layout sections and again noon Friday on. Could probably use some help clearing out brush around some rocks and maybe raking out some areas where the cows were stomping around on the wet ground.     RESULTS     Mike May – Laporte, Colorado Event Coordinator

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