Volunteer – 2016

It will take a lot of effort from outside volunteers and participants for this event to run smoothly.  If you are available during any of these times and able to help out, send me an email with your desired job and which day you are available to volunteer:  bryan.natrials@gmail.com

All volunteers will receive an event volunteer t-shirt and lunches will be provided.  Volunteers will also have the opportunity to join us at our event awards party Sunday night at Boulder Beer.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks for all your help!

Registration & Merchandise Tent  (2-4 people) Sat and/or Sun:

All participants will register at this spot.  All paperwork must be completed by each participant and payments will be collected if not pre-registered.  Merchandise will also be available for purchase at the registration tent.  We will need volunteers for both days, Saturday & Sunday.

Checkers/Officials (10-12 people) Sat and/or Sun:

Checkers will time and follow riders through all of the sections.   They will score each rider according to their performance.  There will be a meeting Wednesday or Thursday night where all the rules and proper etiquette will be explained.  Checkers will also maintain sections throughout the day.   We will need volunteer checkers for both Saturday & Sunday.

Parking (2-3 people) Sat morning and/or Sun morning:

We will have signage posted with our parking setup.  However, we will need at least 1 person out front of each parking lot to help direct our crowd each morning for a few hours.  Ideally, none of our participants will be allowed to park in the public bike park lots.  Our participants will be directed to nearby alternate parking areas so not to disrupt the public use of the park.  Volunteers will manage this parking plan for about 3 to 4 hours each morning.

Section Setting & Setup (5-10 people) Fri night and/or Sat morning:

The majority of the sections will be taped off and gated Friday night and Saturday early morning.  Any additional help during this time would help everything run smoother.

Construction (2-4 people) Wed, Thurs, Fri afternoons:

Various features will be constructed onsite at Valmont Bike Park Wed, Thurs, and Friday afternoons.  Anyone handy with tools and/or design and able to work afternoons would be greatly appreciated.