Lodging & Parking – 2016

*Hotel Info is below camping info.  

TRANSPORTATION to and from Denver International Airport

http://greenrideboulder.com/     and     http://www.supershuttle.com/locations/boulderden

Camping @ The Norfolk & Guest

I have a friend with a chunk of land that is willing to allow camping on his property!  It is actually a really cool spot that is a “self proclaimed” – “Athletic Venue” called Cherryland that boasts it’s own private disc golf course (don’t forget your frisbee golf discs)!  There will be access to water, electricity, a ghetto hose showering area, and I will have a porta potty brought onsite for everyone to use.  Anyone taking advantage of this unique opportunity will have to be extremely respectful of not only the property but a couple of nearby neighbors.  I would like to remain friends with this gentleman once the event is over!  Camping will be $20 per person per night.  Everyone will be on the honor system, so make sure you pony up.  It is super awesome that he is willing to do this for everyone!  If you would like to camp here please send me an email with a head count so we can plan accordingly … bryan.natrials@gmail.com

Cherryland Photo3

Cherryland Photo2






HOTELS and additional lodging options in Boulder

Cheapest and just over a mile to the venue:


Closest to the venue:




Notable and/or Historic:

http://www.briarrosebb.com/    (Bed & Breakfast)

http://www.boulderado.com/   (Historic/Downtown)

http://www.stjulien.com/     (Downtown)

http://www.alpsinn.com/    (Rustic / Mtn Lodge)